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Beautifully painted with imported cobalt tones, In the middle, a personality riding a horse in a natural surroundings, enclosed with a double border line, the outer rim of plate is decorated with peony blossom alternatively rendered and in profile. This antique blue and mbira outlet white porcelain plate features a lovely and advanced inverted painting with rich blue tone colours in the center, surrounded by a double ring peony blossom alternatively rendered and mbira outlet in profile, Within the outer rim there is a painting in blue on white leaves surrounding your entire plate.

It is a blue and white antique porcelain vase from the center Ming dynasty, the vase is decorated with attention-grabbing floral pattern. This Ming Jar was painted in cobalt blue tones and featuring a stupendous surroundings with characters from each sides. This beautifully painted blue and white porcelain is roughly from Hongwu / Yongle period of the early Ming dynasty. This giant blue and white porcelain vase is from the Yuan dynasty, featuring artwork of Phoenix, Qilin, Ducks and Fish in pure surroundings, this massive art work was painted with cobalt blue tone.

This Chinese antique featuring blue, white and crimson with the 3 claw dragon, which was an emblem of the Yuan royalty. Chinese porcelain bottle from the early Yuan dynasty. Antique Chinese Blue and white porcelain bowl from the Qing dynasty — Kangxi Period, the exterior is decorated with scenes of sea and mountains. This blue and white porcelain bowl exterior show continues lotus blossom, the interior reveals a fish swimming in the water in cobalt tones.

The vase feature a cowl with a fish surrounded by roots coming from the center of the cover. To protect the top you possibly can either cover the beads with extra tissue or tent them with cardboard. In case you have flat beads, cowl the top with another sheet of plain printing paper after which a second tile. The ink from lined paper can seep into your clay! Because it breaks an image down into patterns, so making a diamond painting is the process to rebuild a picture from a mosaic canvas by attaching colorful beads to it.

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