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Although Airport terminal Town looks to have a lot of content at launch, it also has a few problems. The artwork on both mobile phone and tablet is definitely kind of low resolution, for example. Zoom in and everything appears gentle and grainy. The music also smells, but that’s casual video games for you. The Windows Telephone video game also has a habit of crashing when my Lumia 1520 will go into rest mode. Not really a big offer when I’m definitely playing, but still a gentle annoyance. I’m sure the crashes will be fixed with an revise.

Since Airport terminal Town has launched on both Windows Telephone 8 and Windows 8 and RT, it would be fantastic if players could hop back and forth between devices using the same save profile. Regrettably, the video game doesn’t support cloud saves. That’s at all times a concern with game titles that anticipate us to play for long periods of period and probably make purchases along the method. You’d lose anything you bought if you reinstalled the video game or turned devices.

Thankfully, Game Insight is usually in fact gearing up to integrate cloud saving into their video games very quickly. 2020: My Nation will be the first title to get cloud saves; hopefully Airport terminal City follows closely behind.

airport city hack android terminal City is another okay town building video game for mobile phone Home windows systems. As usual, these games are not everybody’s glass of tea. You can never actually win; simply check in every time and watch your town grow over time. But that’s quite fun, especially when you throw planes into the blend. Just don’t ignore your photo ID if you want to make it through protection!