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Diamond Painting Lighting Pen — Floating Types

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With this body of thoughts you’ll each win. Take a better look at the image frame hanging/window on the correct wall, in the direction of the far finish of the room. Take a closer look at the Mermaid caught in the net on the left. Take a more in-depth take a look at the highest of the trail. Take a more in-depth look at the green painting on the left. As soon as the highest Casting Stone is eliminated, healing crystal (www.healingcrystals.shop) click on on the GOLD RING (5) so as to add it to your stock. The perfect technique to do this is by clicking the top half so it faces in the right direction first, then the center section to appropriate the position of the legs.

The answer for the position of the rings is proven below. Rotate the dials on the door till each one is in its right place. Take a better look on the front door. Exit the Diamond Painting to the Tower. Return to the main Tower area. Return to the Kitchen. When prompted on whether or not you’d wish to return immediately to the Witch’s Tree, select Yes. Click on the Portal that seems the place the Witch’s Tree once stood to enter. Click on on the STAINED GLASS DRAGON that seems to add it to your inventory, healing crystal then continue by means of the Portal in the painting into the subsequent area.

Click on on the STAINED GLASS SMOKE that seems to add it to your stock, then proceed by means of the Portal within the Diamond Painting Kits UK into the subsequent area. Use the Stained Glass objects on the image in the next order: 1)STAINED GLASS Solar, 2)STAINED GLASS BERRIES, 3)STAINED GLASS DRAGON, 4)STAINED GLASS KNIGHT, 5)STAINED GLASS SMOKE. Use the SCARECROW on the Painting to scare off the Crows, leaving behind the CROW FEATHER. The goal of that is to have the Doll match her reflection.

Click on the chair with the doll to enter a hidden object space. Click on on the cabinet on the left to enter a hidden object space. Upon completing the hidden object space, the BLUE Make-up, SPONGE, Red Make-up, and PINK Make-up might be added to your inventory.