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Hippo Golf Clubs Critical Overview

If you are looking for high-priced golf irons that you need to fund with a second mortgage, stay away from a set of Hippo ITX2s. These reasonably priced irons offer the newest technology that helps players achieve the greatest degree of maximum ball striking forgiveness while never charging those maximum designer-styled prices. Hippo is the largest Europe-based manufacturer known in the U.S. when its original cannon-sized driver was associated with touring pro John Daly.

Drive, He Said

As highly touted as the ITX2 set of irons have been, the ITX driver was recently declared by many major consumer golf magazines as the best and longest ball driver priced under $200. This is because the driver features a great deal of the same technology many high-priced clubs possess including a carbon-composite composition without the accompanying sticker shock. Although attractive to many beginner and cost-conscious consumer golfers, the high-tech construction producing more than favorable performance makes the ITX driver a popular choice for anyone seeking to bring their game to another level.

Ironing it Out

Hippo begins from a high-tech perspective seeking to employ the latest manufacturing techniques to produce superior products. The ITX2 irons are no exception. Again, the same technically-oriented approach to manufacturing is exhibited in a steel-shaft set that usually retails for under $300 or a graphite-shaft one for $350.

The Hippo ITX2 features include:

A Kevlar carbon and 17-4 stainless steel insert is used in a three-piece head construction. The insert is placed in the cavity between the face and back sections. The insert is sized the same as the face plate.

The sole is widened and deep undercut cavity that places most of the weight of the club head well below the ball

A «soft-feeling» iron with a low center of gravity is created by the enlarged «sweet spot» produced through the combination of the undercut cavity, wide sole and carbon insert. This combination increases the club striking forgiveness while also helping air out the ball.

Putting it to the Test

Hippo invested in comprehensive testing to deliver the «pat-on-the-back» boasting it now claims. High handicappers involved with the test had nothing but praise for the Hippo ITX2 irons. However, pro golfers who normally carry more recognizable brand-named clubs and thus, much harsher critics, came away from the testing impressed with the club set’s performance, especially the long irons, the 3-4 clubs. The general consensus expressed by the pros was the club forgiveness that one pro claimed led to no bad shots at all.

Beginners Benefit Beautifully

Don’t let all the praise from pro golfers deter any low or mid handicap shooters from considering a switch to Hippo. All golfers seek a club with maximum forgiveness including short irons and wedges as well. The Hippo ITX2 iron set has something to offer all player levels along with an uncompromisingly price tag that makes this an extremely value-laden choice.

Furthermore, savvy online bargain hunters can find the best pricing for all Hippo golf products surfing the net looking for that hole-in-one purchase.

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