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The Ping Hoofer Golf Bag

The top of the bag has 5 compartments however; dividers of full length are missing in an attempt to save weight. The newest version, the C1 however, comes with 3 dividers. This subdivision into 5 compartments help in logical club layout and easy reach. Since there are just 5 sub-sections with out any walls, there is a chance that the clubs may stick together and they cannot be removed easily! The moment the number of clubs carried in the bag reaches 12 or more, the balance of the bag will be lost a little. This is the major problem that the bag has but keeping it away, there are a number of good features that can be appreciated.

There is a zipper pocket on the side which is of full length. This pocket can hold some extra stuff like rain shirt and pancho along with the rain hood of the bag. There is a pocket for holding balls. This pocket can hold over 12 balls at a time. An accessory pocket can be found above the ball pocket. There is a left-sided zippered pocket that can be used for sundry items. The handle of the trunk is comfortable and sturdy. The all new C1 has a 3 point model which has been designed ergonomically. The design of double strap is the first ever design of its kind. This double strap design helps more of back-pack type carrying. An umbrella pocket of full length and Mantis Double Bend Stand System are the additional things that you get in Ping Hoofer Golf Bag!

The C1 design by Ping Hoofer Golf Bag, which was released to pull back the predecessor’s losing edge, comes with an insulated pocket for water bottle. The pocket has drainage holes, attachment for head cover made of velcro glove and a towel loop of full strength. Two more pockets with zippers are added and the weight still remains less than 5 pounds which is perfect for walking!

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