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Wkys 95.3 Fm Hip Hop Online Radio For The Country’s Capital

Fearless Records is excited to announce that Breathe Carolina’s infectious party anthem «Blackout» charted at #40 on methods to use 40 radio chart this week!

Reader CommentsIf movie the Cleveland area additionally aren’t informed about E-V, you’re either collecting social security or it’s get out much. He’s a mixshow DJ on 918kiss online ninety six.5, scr888 t-rex spinning the hottest hits of the day live on air, offers helped to make him amongst the most prized club DJ’s in the region. He’s also a state DJ for national recording artist Mike Posner, & official mixtape DJ for Cleveland’s biggest rising star, Machine Gun Kelly. Include his constant touring, hosting mixtapes for several artists, doing his own remixes, and cranking out his own mixtape releases, and DJ E-V stays very hard at it.

Zane: Our live shows are so varied because we have so many things we like to dive into. A song like «Testify» is literally the four of us live, it is exactly what the recording is. Then we have other songs like «There She Goes».

I usually do not. The live band consists of me on guitar, Stephanie [Sheer] on keyboard, Jenny [Arias] close to the bass and Alejandra [Arellano] on the drums. For your recordings, on his or her rock album, Alejandra plays drums so play guitar. I usually do most of it myself. I play the bass and Warren carry out some instrument. I don’t use the live band to exceptional. They only come in for vocals and such as that. I use everyone to see what they’ll bring to your table. The electronic album is me singing along with the girls singing backup. The band doesn’t have much to use it whatsoever. I programmed electronic bass lines and synth and Skip is adding embellishments.

Zane: Yeah, well chance that was presented with Julie Taymor being involved, Bono as well as the Edge writing the song selections. Plus the fact that Reeve is starring as your lead character Spider-Man, Carney is gonna be on stage and in the orchestra, just what together cheap we is able to sell our debut album in the lobby in the musical. All of us also destined to be playing shows weekly on the east sea. So much of it benefits Carney the band 918kiss game scanner that is was a no brain-er to participate.

WKYS also works to promote the Washington DC club scene. If there are any entertainment events happening at many of the many Washington DC dance clubs then 93.3 will be there to keep you informed.

You obviously involved in the neighborhood a lot with promotions and scr888 t-rex non profit organizations. Is there anything that you perform on given that important for you or a person really anxious about?

In other Seattle radio market news, KNDD, 107.7 The End (which, from way, ranks #12 in Arbitron 6-plus numbers), has chosen Whitney «Red» Knoerlein as its new morning host. Knoerlein previously hosted middays on WWDC, rocker DC 101 in Washington, DC, all signs her first name. In her DC 101 bio she describes herself as «a girl with (self-diagnosed) ADD that swears too much, drives a crappy car, loves music, thinks she can sing once the radio is turned up really loud, can’t pay bills, wants saving the world, gets off on weird people, lives vicariously thru Hunter S. Thompson stories and appears forward to laughing with co-workers to produce I can put off doing any style of real work.» «Mornings with Red» is likely to debut on KNDD in August.